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Wine insiders, tech and marketing experts powering next-gen labeling

All about their passion for wine, beer, marketing and technology but above all else, all about helping the community of craft producers to grow their business.


Wine insiders, tech and marketing experts powering next-gen labeling

All about their passion for wine, beer, marketing and technology but above all else, all about helping the community of craft producers to grow their business.

Dario Drmac and Ivan Kovacevic are the brains behind the Craft Technology project.

Their idea? Allow winemakers and craft beer producers to focus on making great wine and beer while they handle the tech and marketing side to help them sell it and grow their businesses.

Ivan Kovacevic
COO and co-founder

Dario Drmac
CEO and co-founder

Dario Drmac

A marketing and digital transformation expert

Dario is a marketing and digital transformation expert with over 15 years of experience in marketing agencies and corporations. He ran the digital department of the country’s biggest marketing agency, serving clients from almost every industry. His knack for harnessing technology became evident when he spearheaded a digital transformation project for a bank, enabling customers to handle their banking without ever stepping inside a physical branch.

Dario isn’t just any wine enthusiast. He once owned a popular wine bar in the city. Later, he shifted his focus to selling wine online and telling stories about winemakers and their craft. That’s how Wine&more, a platform that produces content and distributes wine across Europe and the USA, was born. He is also the founder of a wine distribution company that serves as a logistics provider for Wine&more, restaurants, and bars.

50 000 bottles

Facilitated the sale of over 50,000 bottles of wine via digital platforms.

75 000 leads

Successfully generated 75,000 leads for banking projects

15 platforms

Successfully launched 15 enduring online platforms that have thrived for years.

Ivan Kovacevic

A tech enthusiast and marketing pro.

Ivan, on the other hand, is a tech enthusiast and marketing pro. His expertise spans content, commerce, marketing, and technology. He once led the digital marketing department of the largest holding company in Croatia, which boasts 60,000 employees and focuses on retail and food production. Starting from scratch, he grew a digital team of nearly 100 people across 5 countries, overseeing Omnichannel, e-commerce, and various digital projects.

Later, he joined Grey alongside Dario, a global marketing agency, where he headed the digital marketing and transformation department. He then ascended to the role of Chief Marketing Officer at Sofascore, a live score company reaching almost 30 million monthly active users globally. There, he led the user acquisition, brand, partnerships, and sales teams across Europe, Asia, and Latin America. And his favorite drink? Craft beer. He’s passionate about helping brewers concentrate on their craft without getting overwhelmed by tech and marketing.

35 mil. users

Number of monthly active users of online projects (e-commerce, SAAS, media) in which Ivan was involved in a managerial role.

3 x revenue

Revenue growth for Sofascore, one of the leading global live sports apps, where Ivan was CMO, focused on sales, customer acquisition, partnerships and branding. Ivan managed a team of 40+ people in different locations around the world.

60 000 employees

Number of employees of the largest holding company in the region where Ivan was the person in charge of digital  marketing focusing on e-commerce, marketing emerging technologies and omnichannel projects

A Collective Effort

Our Dedicated Team

Craft Technology is not just a brainchild of Dario and Ivan; it is brought to life through the collective efforts of a dedicated and talented team. Each member brings a unique set of skills and expertise, contributing significantly to the realization of our vision. Our team comprises individuals who are passionate about bridging the gap between tradition and technology. From software development to marketing, each member works tirelessly behind the scenes, ensuring that our solutions are not only innovative but also user-friendly and effective. It is this collaborative spirit and unwavering dedication that allow us to consistently refine and enhance our offerings. Together, we are committed to ensuring that Craft Technology empowers winemakers and craft beer producers to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape. In every step of our journey, the team has been instrumental in turning ambitious ideas into practical solutions. With us, rest assured that you are in capable hands dedicated to your success.

The team recognized that many in the wine and beer industry find tech intimidating

While there was no shortage of technological solutions, very few catered to the wine or craft beer niches. Rather than being disheartened, they identified an opportunity to craft a solution for winemakers, craft beer producers, and their distributors that would bridge this gap.

Their answer was Craft Technology, a SAAS platform designed for winemakers and brewers that would enable them to grow their businesses using tailor-made technology so. One of their initial offerings is the “Craft Technology e-label,” helping winemakers adhere to new European regulations about displaying product info online.

Since its conception, they've maintained close ties with users, continuously seeking feedback and refining their product.

The official launch of the Craft Technology SAAS is slated for 2024. In the interim, they launched the Craft Technology e-label tool in Autumn 2023 in response to new EU compliance requirements for winemakers. It was warmly received, garnering praise from winemakers who adopted it immediately. Now, they’re preparing for the rollout of Craft Technology flagship SAAS product for 2024. For Dario, Ivan, and Dubravko, it goes beyond mere business.

This is all about their passion for wine, beer, marketing and technology but above all else, it’s about helping the community of craft producers to grow their business.