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Real Experts. Real Faces. Proudly Standing Behind Our Tech

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    We are crafting tools to make your business transformation easy

    By introducing a new sales channel on producers’ brick and mortar location

    We provide tools to automate order management and sales between producers, distributors and consumers. Producers can close sales in their stores by using our point of sale.

    By Introducing a new online sales channel for your producers

    Launching and running a webshop is not an easy task for every producer. We provide all the tools necessary for them to start selling on their own websites.

    By building relationships between your producers and their consumers

    Our loyalty club is a brand-building tool that enables recurring revenue stream for distributors and producers.

    By showcasing and selling your producers brand to a global audience

    Leverage existing marketplace users that are eager to buy. Sell through storytelling.

    A single view of the customer

    CRM is the heart of Craft tech platform that tracks purchases and collects customer data from every channel.

    Store all your customer information on one place

    Analyze your sales data and customer behavior across channels

    Track all your shipments in one place

    Run your advertising campaigns based on customer data from CRM

    Mission statement

    Craft technology enables the digital transformation of your business. We take great pride in empowering small and medium businesses passionate about their craft by providing them with tools to build long lasting relationship with their customers, improve customer experience, thus enabling growth for the business.

    Is Craft tech right for you?

    Craft tech is for you if your business goal is to:

    Sell to a worldwide audience

    Build long lasting relationships with your customers

    Start selling online

    Stop loosing sales opportunities in your tasting room