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The Craft Behind Craft Technology E-Label: A Blend of Passion and Expertise

How Craft Technology came to be

Craft Technology team consists of seasoned professionals with diverse expertise in:

  • software development,
  • digital transformation,
  • marketing,
  • sales,
  • content production, and
  • the wine and craft beer industries.

More than just another software platform Craft Technology is the brainchild of passionate individuals – Dario Drmac and Ivan Kovacevic and a dedicated team of experts. These innovators recognized a gap in the market for specialized technology tailored to the unique needs of

  • winemakers,
  • craft beer producers,
  • and their distributors.

With their extensive backgrounds in marketing, digital transformation, and sales, they set out to create a solution that would empower craft producers to concentrate on what they do best: making exceptional wine, craft beer, and olive oil.

Meet the team behind Craft Technology

  • Dario Drmac, the CEO and co-founder of Craft Technology, is more than just a tech expert. His journey began in the world of wine, where he owned a popular wine bar in the city. Later, he delved into the digital realm, leading digital transformations for significant corporations and even a bank. His fusion of wine expertise and technological know-how laid the foundation for Craft Technology.
  • Ivan Kovacevic, the COO and co-founder, brings a wealth of experience in technology, marketing, and commerce. He led large digital marketing teams, steering them toward success in various international projects. His passion for craft beer drives him to ensure that brewers can focus on perfecting their recipes, free from the burden of complicated tech and marketing hurdles.

We embarked on the Craft Technology journey, driven by their passion for wine, craft beer, marketing, and technology. Our dedication is evident through their continuous engagement with the community and responsiveness to industry regulations.

The strive for excellence led us to develop a community-driven solution that supports craft producers. This commitment is evident in every aspect of Craft Technology, from its seamless user experience to its ability to help winemakers comply with evolving regulations.

The Craft Technology e-label tool is a prime example of this commitment, introduced in response to new EU compliance requirements for winemakers.

What binds us? 

A genuine love for exquisite wines, beers, and spirits. We empathize with our winemakers, which drives us to fine-tune our platform to their needs.

Why choose Craft Technology e-label solution?

In summary, the benefits of choosing Craft Technology e-label are:

  • Data management: Effortless data uploads with a user-friendly interface.
  • Language translation: Automated translation into 24 European Union languages, ensuring global accessibility.
  • QR Code generation: Quick and efficient generation of QR codes within seconds.
  • Dynamic QR codes: Allow real-time adjustments to details, enhancing flexibility.
  • Statistical insights: Detailed statistics on scans provide valuable insights into user interactions.
  • Compliance simplified: Streamlined handling of legal and technical complexities, ensuring simple compliance.
  • Reliable availability: 24/7/365 hosting and access guaranteed with a 99.99% uptime, offering peace of mind.
  • Expert development: Crafted by industry experts, ensuring quality and reliability backed by their professional reputation.

Visit our blog to learn more about complying with EU wine label regulations and how to use Craft Technology’s e-label solution.