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EU Wine Labeling Regulations: Impact on U.S. Wineries

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Delving into the current EU wine regulation landscape, our article provides detailed insight into potential implications for the U.S. wine sector. As the European Union pioneers the inclusion of ingredient and nutrition details on wine labels, the U.S. wine industry watches closely, considering its own potential shifts.  These notable regulations in the E.U., with updated […]

EU Wine Labeling Requirements, December 2023: Important Updates

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The European Union has recently released comprehensive guidelines and clarifications regarding the wine labeling requirements for 2023, offering guidance for wine producers across member states. These new regulations, set to be enforced from December 8, 2023, will significantly impact the labeling practices of wine and wine-related products. The document contains 40 answers addressing the most […]

Data Collection For Winemakers: Mastering E-Label Upload

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, winemakers are embracing technology to streamline their processes and enhance customer experiences. One significant shift in the industry is the adoption of electronic labels (e-labels). E-labels not only reduce environmental impact but also provide winemakers with the flexibility to update information dynamically. However, the success of e-label implementation hinges on […]

In-House E-Labeling: Avoid Costly Errors

There are differing opinions on how to handle e-labeling. Some believe doing it in-house will save money and allow for greater control, while others see building a team as an expensive endeavor and prefer using e-labeling software platforms as a time and resource-saving solution. Ultimately, the decision boils down to a simple question: Do you […]

New EU Wine Label Regulations: Complete Guide For Wineries

Starting from December 8th, 2023, all wines produced or sold on EU land will have to include nutritional and ingredient information on their labels using digital e-labels, due to new EU wine labeling requirements. For winemakers, understanding these regulations is not just a legal obligation but a vital step toward preserving the integrity of their […]

New EU Wine Labeling: Compliance Made Simple

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Starting December 8, 2023, all wines sold within the European Union (EU) will be required to declare ingredient, allergen, and nutrition information on their labels. This regulation has caused a stir among winemakers, wine exporters, and wine industry professionals, as they struggle to understand the new EU label regulations, their concerns, and ways to comply […]

Step-by-Step Guide to QR Code E-label Upload

Starting from December 8th, 2023, new labeling requirements for wine sold in the EU are set to come into effect. As a result, global wine brands and winemakers are now finding ways to comply with these new regulations by implementing QR codes and e-labels. In this article, we will guide you through the essential steps […]

The Craft Behind Craft Technology E-Label: A Blend of Passion and Expertise

How Craft Technology came to be Craft Technology team consists of seasoned professionals with diverse expertise in: software development, digital transformation, marketing, sales, content production, and the wine and craft beer industries. More than just another software platform Craft Technology is the brainchild of passionate individuals – Dario Drmac and Ivan Kovacevic and a dedicated […]

Why Use QR Codes To Comply With New EU Regulations?

In recent decades, the global landscape of business and technology has witnessed a paradigm shift with the integration of Quick Response (QR) codes. These two-dimensional barcodes have not only streamlined processes but have also enhanced consumer engagement across various sectors. One industry where the transformative power of QR codes is profoundly evident is the wine […]